Acoustic guitars for girls have become big business these days. Teenagers and preteens, both boys and girls, have always been interested in music, and these days they seem to really be interested in playing music, as well as listening to it. They like most all instruments, but they seem to be especially intrigued by the guitar. Most teenagers would probably prefer to play the electric guitar because it is deemed to be cool, and many think that is easier to learn to play. However, many adolescents and teenagers and young adults are opting for the mellow, less raucous sounds of the acoustic guitar. Many teens/preteens and young adults are tiring of the loud, mind numbing clamor of the electric guitar playing rock or any other kind of loud music. Not surprisingly, many girls and young women have decided to take up acoustic guitars as their instrument of choice. As I said, this is not surprising, given that some of the biggest names in music are younger girls or women, who sing and play guitar.

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